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NuviaLab Immune is a food supplement, which supports the functioning of the immune system in a comprehensive way. The product contains the highest quality plant extracts that help increase immunity and accelerate regeneration. In addition, the supplement strengthens the body and has a positive effect on overall health. NuviaLab Immune is recommended for people who want to improve their mood, increase efficiency and support the body’s defence mechanisms.

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While immunity is not a singular occurrence; rather, we differentiate numerous forms of immunity; yet, frequent usage of the NuviaLab Immune dietary supplement will have a beneficial effect on all of these types of immunity. Immunity may be broken down into two primary categories:
Immunity that is innate

that is innate to each and every one of us, often known as being inherited or being non-specific. It is our first line of protection and acts as a barrier, protecting us from bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens in a way that does not need us to come into direct touch with them. The following kind of defenses are applicable against them:

physical barriers, such as the skin and mucous membranes; chemical barriers, such as the tears, perspiration, sebum, and digestive juices produced by our bodies; and natural reactions, such as tearing eyes, coughing, or sneezing when an allergen is present.

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Immunity that is acquired

We progressively develop during the course of our life what are known as non-specific antibodies as a consequence of being exposed to a variety of antigens. It is possible that getting infected with a disease is what caused it, and after we have beaten that sickness, we develop immunity to any other infections we may face. Just as often, it is the consequence of an intentional activity, such as being vaccinated against a certain illness, some of which we obtain while we are still in our infant years. As our mother’s immune cells are transferred to us while we are still in the womb, we also begin to develop acquired immunity at an early age.
What are the signs and symptoms of a deteriorating immune system?

However, we cannot always depend on having a strong immunity since the operation of the immune system may occasionally be compromised due to the effect of a number of different variables. The majority of the time, we are the ones to blame for such a circumstance since we live an unhealthy and unsanitary lifestyle, and NuviaLab Immune will assist in mitigating the negative impacts of such carelessness. Most often, a lowered immune response is brought on by:

A diet deficient in vital vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A or vitamin C, as well as iron, copper, and selenium, is the cause of not just being overweight but also being obese. A bad diet is the source of both of these conditions. The use of excessive quantities of sugar, salt, and toxic trans fats should also be removed from the diet; the abuse of stimulants, lead by alcohol, which decreases the activity of immune cells and “leeches” nutrients that are important for health and immunity should also be avoided. A sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical exercise both quickly reflect poorly on the health and immunity of the body. Cigarettes have a similar impact, weakening one of the first protective barriers, the mucous membrane. Therefore, getting up from the chair, jogging, or cycling; taking particular classes of medications, primarily antibiotics; stress, which almost completely deregulates the body, becoming, among other things, the cause of sleep disorders and even insomnia, which also leads to declines in immunity. All of these things are worthwhile.
Conditions of a medical nature, such as diabetes, cancer, or even the apparently insignificant allergy; conditions of a genetic one, such as the possibility that a child may be born with congenital immune deficiency if the mother had a compromised immune system while she was pregnant.

Many of these elements may present themselves in very specific ways, the majority of these symptoms can be addressed by using NuviaLab Immune capsules, and the following symptoms will occur if our immunity decreases:

chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS); skin rashes; changes in the mouth, such as aphthae; difficulties falling asleep; greater susceptibility to infections; slower wound healing; stomach and intestinal diseases; allergies.


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